Wednesday 20 July 2022

12 Edible Vegan Wedding Favour Ideas Your Guests Will Love

You're planning a vegan wedding and looking to gift your guests with an unforgettable treat. 

Let's face it - non-edible gifts are cool and all but the chances of your guests leaving them behind (either through forgetfulness or not wanting yet another item to clutter their space) are relatively high. Most wedding planners will even go so far as to say that you just shouldn't bother!

Wedding favours are a big part of Nigerian weddings. I can't tell you how many plastic bowls, customised napkins, mugs and hand fans my family has accumulated over the years. Even in a Nigerian kitchen, there are only so many bowls and containers you can collect before it all gets a bit much. 

Edible favours, however, are a great way to ensure your guests either take them home (because who can resist delicious food?) or eat them on the spot. You can get super fancy with the presentation (if you want) or keep things simple and pretty. Convinced yet?

Let's get into 12 sweet and savoury vegan wedding favour ideas that are sure to wow your guests. 

1. Chocolate 

Chocolate is the quintessential food of love. Go ahead and introduce your guests to your favourite vegan chocolate bar. If you can wow them with unique flavours, even better. For a low-cost but personal touch, you can print custom labels to wrap around the bars.

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2. Hot Sauce

Why not make a batch of home-made hot sauce using your favourite combination of ingredients? Buy a bunch of low-cost glass jars, fill them up and pop some customised labels on the front. Not a fan of hot sauce? Go with another condiment that you fancy - BBQ sauce, green pesto, vegan mayonnaise, etc.

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3. Mini Desserts

Treat your guests to something fancy. Desserts like mini macarons, tarts and cupcakes always look impressive. Vegan versions are easy to find nowadays, and most bakers are open to customising them. But if you're a keen baker, why not get some friends together a couple of days before the wedding and have a baking session? Pop them in little dessert boxes or cupcake cases for that stylish touch. 

You might like: coconut cupcakes, chocolate oreo cupcakes, mango macarons

4. Spice Jars

One of my favourite items on this list and a truly unique way to spoil your guests. Choose your favourite spices or create a signature spice blend, pop them in cute jars or pouches and add your own labels. 

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5. Wedding Cake To-Go

This one is a no-brainer. If your wedding cake is large enough to feed all your guests, why not put the slices in small cake boxes and gift your guests with cake to go! Works particularly well if you are already providing dessert with the main meal. The wedding cake then makes for a great treat for later. Tie the boxes with ribbons in your wedding colour for an extra special touch. 

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6. Cookies

A simple yet effective wedding favour idea. If you like to bake, organise a cookie baking party and have your friends and family round to help you customise them. Package them in cellophane pouches and finish with ribbons in your wedding colour. No time to bake? These can easily be outsourced to your local vegan bakery. 

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7. Signature Drink (Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic)

The drinks will no doubt be flowing on your special day, so this signature drink will need to stand out in the crowd. The beauty of making and bottling your own unique cocktail is that you can combine both your and your partner's favourite flavours to make something truly one-of-a-kind. This is your chance to go wild - ginger with pomegranate, cucumber and rum? Why not! Bottle them in beautiful 30-50ml glass jars and add your own labels.

You might like: mini glass jars with cork lids.

8. Tea

I attended a wedding a few years ago where guests were gifted customised tea sachets and I thought it was the cutest thing! Whether loose leaf tea in small jars, pouches or individual sachets, tea is a wonderful favour idea. Bonus: instead of tea, ground coffee beans work just as well.

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9. Popcorn

Sweet, salty or mixed - take your pick! Popcorn makes for a delicious wedding favour. You could opt for a popcorn machine to pump out fresh popcorn for your guests to take home at the end of the night, or you can present little packs of popcorn in your favourite flavours. 

You might like: vegan butterscotch gourmet popcorn.

10. Infused Oils

Not only are these beautiful to look at but this is a truly luxurious wedding favour that requires very little effort. If you want to make these yourself, simply choose a neutral oil such as sunflower or vegetable oil and infuse it with your favourite herbs and spices. From bay leaf to sage to whole chilli to rosemary, the options are endless. Also works great with olive oil for an even fancier version. 

You might like: Gourmet Spice Company Infused Oil Collection.

11. Plantain Chips 

One of my all time favourite snacks right here. It's rare to meet a soul who doesn't love plantain, so these are sure to go down a treat. You can easily find individually packaged plantain chips nowadays. You may choose to gift them as they are or repackage them in your own customised pouches. If you have a family member or friend who loves cooking and is up for the challenge, then homemade plantain chips are an option too - added bonus is that you can customise the flavour(s) as much as you want.

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12. Puff Puff

Puff puff is a popular Nigerian snack that resembles little fried doughnuts. Give them an elevated, gourmet twist by infusing unique flavours into the batter (such as cardamon, rose water, lavender or almond) then present them in little boxes or pouches. Your guests will absolutely fall in love with this sweet treat.

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