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I'm open to collaborations, and the opportunity to help you transition to a vegan lifestyle. Find out all the ways we can work together, read some of the lovely testimonials I've received, and drop me a message via to make an enquiry.

Would you like to learn how to cook delicious vegan Nigerian food? I run interactive online workshops, cooking classes and cookery demonstrations

Book a corporate team-building cooking class here.

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I work with companies to help promote their brand or products. Previous clients include Sainsbury’s, Marmite, Vegums, Quorn, Ultimalt, and more. If you have a vegan product that you would like me to share with my blog readers or social media followers (40k combined followers), do get in touch to view my stats and rate card / media kit. I also offer advertising space on the blog, in the form of side banner ads.

“I’m thinking of going vegan but I have a lot of questions?”

My personal vegan coaching program is ideal for anyone who is in need of support as they transition to a fully vegan lifestyle. With over 6 years on the lifestyle, I’ve navigated many of the hurdles that crop up, whether it is figuring out how to balance meals for optimum health, getting to grips with shopping for the right ingredients or working out the best way to handle social situations. I love helping people demystify veganism, make long-lasting changes and discover the joys and benefits of eating and living this way.

The various coaching options are designed to be flexible and customisable, meaning all the support provided will suit your individual needs and concerns.

Once you have decided on the right program for you, we will arrange your session(s) at a time that is always convenient for you.

Before committing to a coaching session, you may wish to book a free initial 15-minute consultation to determine how we can work together. Email to book a slot.

Available Programs

1) Single Session | 60 minutes | £120
This video session will be based on the details you provide during our initial 15-minute consultation. I will create a customised agenda before our session and we will spend an hour tackling your main concerns one by one. I will provide specific information, tips and resources for each point. After the session, you will receive an e-booklet.

2) 4-Week Program | £450
On this program, I provide more in-depth support. I will walk you through your transition, guiding you as closely as possible. This includes:
  • Four 30-minute video sessions (i.e. one session a week) to check in, discuss your progress and tackle all of your concerns
  • Meal plans and recommendations, based on a balanced and nutritious vegan diet (shopping lists included)
  • Unlimited email support between sessions
  • Resources and recommended reading material to suit your personal needs, provide motivation, information, and boost your overall understanding of the vegan lifestyle. We will determine your main areas of interest in our initial consultation and continue to build on this with each subsequent session


"I feel confident about moving forward as a vegan with Tomi as an ally. She has been a coach to me, offering advice on how to navigate social situations and the world at large. She also provided invaluable information about how to eat and approach supplementation. Her compassionate approach and calm, wise demeanor are very welcome. She offers insight into the greater context of making this choice and the positive impact we are able to have on the environment and global systems as we move toward creating a more just world.” - Erin H, Colorado (U.S.A)


“Tomi was very generous with her time and knowledge. After completing the program, I feel ready to embrace being vegan and would recommend the service to anyone who is seriously considering this way of life.” - Funmi O, London (U.K)

“After months of going back and forth, falling off the wagon many times, I finally decided to seek some help and was not disappointed. Tomi makes veganism so easy to grasp and now I am motivated to stay on it for the long-term.” - Hannah M, (U.K)


  1. Hello, I should say many thanks for vegan recipes, that make my life so easy dan healthy.


  2. Hello, very interesting. Thank you!

  3. Glad to find you and see that you are doing an amazing work. It feels less lonely being a vegan here now.

    Gideon, from Ile-Ife.

  4. Hello there! Im an expat here in Naija. I want to become a vegan since i suffered from a stroke 5 plus yrs ago. I want to know vegan nigerian food recipes that i could do by myself here using ingredients available in Naija markets.Tia!

  5. It is nice to know that vegan is alive and kicking in Nigeria. By
    Richard Golah