Wednesday 20 March 2013


There's a special place in my heart reserved just for North African cuisine. Spices, fresh produce and generous helpings. What's not to like?
Arabesque is a charming little Tunisian 'salon de thé' located at the heart of Marseille city centre. I came across it on a warm Saturday afternoon after a morning of shopping and walking from one end of the centre to the other with a friend. You can imagine that we were in need of an energy boost at that point. And where better to find a wholesome plant-based meal than an authentic Tunisian restaurant? All I had to do was order the couscous 'sans viande' and within minutes, I had a steaming bowl of vegetable-topped couscous, accompanied by a flavourful tomato-based broth. I'm convinced that my serving was enough to feed a small family! But I certainly wasn't complaining at the time.
Be sure to check the place out if you're ever here on vacation. You'll love it!

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