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Product Reviews/Advertising
Got a vegan product that you would like me to review and share with my readers? Or would you like to place an advert in the sidebar? Get in touch!

Talks and Workshops

Are you a club, school, food festival or organisation? You can invite me as a guest speaker, or to run a cookery workshop.

Events and Corporate Catering

Birthdays. Weddings. Office/Business functions. If you would like some vegan treats for your event, get in touch for more information.

Weekly Meal Preps

No time to cook? Get in touch to order customised weekly meals. Sample menu: Jollof Rice + Sauteed Vegetables; Beans + Plantain; Yam + Scrambled Tofu; Fried Rice + Sauteed Vegetables; Eba + Efo Riro. By collection, for London residents only. 

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  1. Hello, I should say many thanks for vegan recipes, that make my life so easy dan healthy.