Vegan Nigerian Kitchen: 100 classic recipes with a plant-based twist

Step inside my Vegan Nigerian Kitchen and get ready to enjoy the best of Nigerian cuisine using plant-based ingredients!

From one-pot porridges to spicy soups, stews, savoury snacks, sweet treats and cocktails Vegan Nigerian Kitchen is the essential cookbook for anyone who wants to embark on a unique and delicious culinary journey.

You'll encounter regional dishes from across Nigeria, with insights into traditional ingredients and cooking methods. Each recipe delivers on taste and enjoyment, even without the use of meat, dairy, eggs, and other animal products.


vegan plantain recipes


A bold, bright and beautiful cookbook bursting with plantain-infused recipes that are delicious as they are innovative.

If you love plantain then you will feel right at home in these pages!

Includes breakfast recipes, snacks, main meals, desserts & bakes.


how to go vegan

You're curious about veganism or you're ready to take the leap. But you have questions and want to find out what a vegan lifestyle really entails. How hard is it? What can you eat on a vegan diet? How can veganism change the world? What benefits can you expect?

This free guide will provide you with all the information you need to get started. You'll learn:

- Reasons to go vegan
- What a vegan diet involves (including a sample meal plan)
- Tips for navigating dining out and travelling
- How to choose cruelty-free clothes and personal products


                                                             vegan ice cream recipes

Create stunning ice cream desserts using natural plant-based ingredients.

All 'nice cream' recipes are sugar-free, dairy-free and 100% suitable for vegans.

Nice cream is my go-to for guilt-free but indulgent snacking, and now you can enjoy a selection of my favourite flavours with this handy recipe e-book.


vegan alkaline meal plan

A predominantly alkaline diet places an emphasis on fresh and unrefined fruits and vegetables, while restricting heavily processed and junk foods. The aim of eating this way is to promote optimal health - a natural side effect of basing majority of your meals on whole, plant-based foods.   

The meal plan is designed to take the stress out of thinking of what to eat on a weekly basis and makes choosing healthy food options a breeze. It includes a printable ingredient list and 'at a glance' weekly menus that can be pinned to your fridge for easy reference.  

There are several alkaline meal plans available online but many are written through a euro-centric lens. In writing this guide, I drew inspiration from my West African heritage, including ingredients and meals that are typical to that part of the world. If you're new to Nigerian food, you'll gain a lot of insight into our style of eating. If you're a veteran West African foodie, you'll appreciate the healthy take on some of your favourites.