Sunday 15 February 2015


Today marks the two year anniversary since I started this blog. I can still remember the exact moment I decided to start it. I was at home on vacation, sprawled on the sofa with my laptop in front of me, TV buzzing in the background, smiling to myself as the name 'The Vegan Nigerian' popped into my head and commenting to anyone who'd listen that it has-a-nice-ring-to-it-don't-you-think? I was still at the beginning of my vegan journey and everything about it was exciting. Two years on, 169 posts later, and I am just as excited about it today as I was back then. Gosh...'back then' time flies!

By taking that one, random decision to start the blog, I think it's fair to say that I've been led onto an incredible path. I continue to encounter inspiring people, places and opportunities. It has sharpened my focus on what I want out of life. Everything seems possible. It's allowed me to keep dreaming while also finding contentment in the things of the present; it's given me the chance to keep doing the things I love - unapologetically; it's shown me that life can be more than simply following the status quo; that life is too short to waste it on things you're not passionate about. I believe God allows everything to happen for a reason and the existence of this blog is no exception. If over the course of the last two years, the blog has caused someone to take a moment to reflect on the importance of their health and well-being (in terms of nutrition) and act on it, then it would have served some purpose.
All these life lessons though... Not bad for a blog that's simply about food and recipes, eh? 

Choosing to go vegan has honestly been one of the best decisions I've made, and having this platform to share this small part of my life and to showcase the diversity and ease of vegan cooking/eating is something I can't take for granted. So... a big, heart-felt thank you to every single person who reads and supports the blog. I'd probably still be updating if only one person bothered to read it, that's how much I enjoy it! :) Keep reading, keep sharing, let's keep the dialogue going.

In other news, I've been discovering a few fun things in the vegan world lately. Here are some snaps from places I've explored, foods I've tried, restaurants I've visited, in the last month or so. Many more foodie adventures to come, by God's grace...

1. Camden, London
When I asked for lemon & ginger tea at Inspiral Cafe, I didn't expect it to be so fresh with actual lemon and ginger pieces floating in my mug - loved it! Also, great view from where I was sitting!

And then I had to visit Cookies and Scream to try their vegan baked goods. A chocolate brownie this time around. My brother approved...

There were vegan options at the Camden Lock food court. Mostly falafel, but hey! The last time I was there, I spotted a West African food stand with jollof rice, plantain and all that good stuff...they seemed to be missing this time around :(

 2. Brighton
Brighton is vegan central, I still can't believe how vegan-friendly the city is! Café's, restaurants, grocery stores, you name it. Here's Infinity Foods, which is packed full of vegan products...

VBites, offering tons of meat-free alternatives. I used their vegan mince in my bolognese recipe...

And then there was Terre à Terre. I'll let the food pics do the talking...

Dinner at Food For Friends, an award-winning vegetarian restaurant...

3. Food For Thought, Covent Garden, London
Kinda cramped in there but the portion sizes are generous...

4. The Gate, Hammersmith, London
Lovely, chilled atmosphere. Very fancy indeed. I hear Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney are fans of the place. I can understand why. My starter consisted of plantain fritters filled with vegetables, served with shaved fennel and pomegranate in a coriander and lime dressing with blueberry and chipotle coulis. Like I said, fancy...

Good ol' rice and curry...

And finally, the poshest looking crumble I've ever seen...


  1. Congrats on your Blogiversary and wishing you many more successful blog years :). These restaurants look great esp terre á terra.

    1. Thanks Nemi :) Yes, terre a terre was a highlight, we should have a vegan tour of brighton one of these days.

  2. Blessings and congratulations......
    Don't know much about vegan, I tend to think vegetarian but I think it extends beyond beyond, no dairy? It all looks good though.


  3. Congraaaaaats! You've done well... even featured on CNN, or was it BBC? More vegan grease to your elbows!

    BTW my friend's chef makes awesome lemon, ginger and honey tea.

    Berry Dakara Blog

    1. Thanks Berry! :* Can't go wrong with lemon ginger tea, so refreshing!

  4. Oh wow ,this is interesting ! I was wondering if theres any Nigerian vegan because i'm transitioning to vegan and i need all the support i can get:)

    1. Hullo, welcome to the vegan club, so to speak ;) hope you're enjoying the process of transitioning and trying new and exciting foods!