Thursday 10 November 2016


It's been almost two weeks since the last pop-up restaurant and although I've shared updates across other platforms, I'm only just getting round to posting on here. Is it just me or does the increasingly cold weather inspire extreme bouts of procrastination? Simple tasks suddenly seem to require epic levels of strength and motivation to get done. Anyway, better late than never...

The most recent pop-up was in the style of a buffet - that much-loved format that makes life oh so easy - featuring jollof rice as the lead, supported by a bunch of salads, mountains of plantain and sauces to liven things up. Desert was a trio of chocolate/almond cake, lime tart, and apple/ginger spiced puff puff.

A lot of firsts at this one:
- A collaboration. With the wonderful sugarcane juice company Guarapo, who supplied us with fresh, cold-pressed sugarcane juice infused with lime and ginger. It was the perfect accompaniment to the meal.
- A weekend event. At last, after requests to host a pop-up on a Saturday, finally got round to it.
- A new location. In South West London, to be exact. Slowly but surely, the pop-up is making its way around the capital. From West to North West to South West. Next time, East?
- A professional team. Not that my family and friends haven't been professional at previous events - ha! What I mean is, the Vegan Nigerian team is growing slowly and I had the help of new hired team members to make the evening go smoothly.

The next event will most likely be a Christmas-themed dinner and I am so excited to put together the menu for that! Stay tuned for more info and head over to Facebook and Instagram for more of my stuff!

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