Sunday 5 February 2017


Attendees at my 6th pop-up last October will no doubt remember Dawn and her delicious, freshly made sugarcane juice. Formerly called Guarapo, The Cane Press was founded by Dawn to bring this sweet + unique taste of the tropics to the UK.

Earlier this year, she secured a permanent spot in Peckham, and so I took a wander down on Saturday for a surprise visit and what turned out to be a fantastic afternoon of learning a bit more about sugarcane, sipping on some refreshing cane/lime/lemon/chia juice, and even getting a mini guided tour of the (pretty cool and funky) area.

Enjoy the little vid I put together, but more importantly, get yourself down to Peckham and support this lovely lady :)

Where to find The Cane Press: 125a Rye Lane, Peckham, London.

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