Saturday 24 June 2017


I spent a few days in Copenhagen and had an incredible time, packing in a ton of fun, exploration, food, and even education (attended a start-up event at the Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship). I got to hang out and discuss grand ideas with friend and fellow creator, Sofia of Vegan Watching and GUTXY. I left feeling inspired, recharged and ready to take on life. More so than usual, anyway :)

The video below captures a handful of moments from my trip, but more importantly provides some insight into some of the vegan options available around the city. I hope it whets your appetite, ignites your wanderlust, and encourages you to book the next flight out to Copenhagen. Happy watching!


  1. Very useful post! I am a vegan as well, I am just starting my way on this path and it can be really hard to find a good place to eat especially when you are traveling. So this post can really come in handy if I am going to visit Copenhagen someday. Thanks a lot!

    1. No probs, glad this post can come in handy! :)