Tuesday 13 March 2018

Madrid Travel Vlog Part 1 | Doughnuts, Women's March & Vegan Octopus??

Escaped routine for a few days and took a trip to Madrid, Spain. Being the middle of March and all, I was not expecting scorching hot weather, but maybe I should have wished a little harder for it because it rained for the most part of the trip. That didn't stop it from being a fun-filled, food-filled, adventure-filled holiday though! And on my final day, when the sun was out in full force, I wasn't bitter at all...mostly ;)

I decided to vlog some parts of my trip, particularly when food was involved. Aside from the vegan doughnut, vegan octopus and vegan Chinese buffet discoveries of the first couple of days, I also found myself in the middle of the Madrid women's march on International Women's Day (inspiring as can be) and at Madrid's most famous indoor market.

Enjoy this week's video and stay tuned for part 2 next Tuesday!

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