Sunday 24 March 2019

Vegan Nigerian Mukbang

London-based food company, I Go Chop, recently launched a home delivery app (I Go Chop Express) which allows hungry customers to order Nigerian street food straight to their door. To celebrate this launch, they sent me a brilliant box packed with vegan food and goodies, along with a discount code that I can share with you - vegannigerian - to get 15% off your order.

Download the app on iTunes or Google Play.

With all that glorious food suddenly at my disposal, I decided to film a mukbang video for this week's YouTube upload. A mukbang is a style of video where an individual eats a large amount of food in one sitting while speaking to an audience through the camera. A rather weird phenomenon that has taken over the internet in recent years.

This video is quite different from others I've shared previously, and I suppose it was fun trying something new. Aside from watching me eat, you'll get to find out a bit more about me as I answer some Nigerian-tag style questions. I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you have a wonderful week!

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