Sunday 5 January 2020

Vegan Weight Loss - How I Lost Over 50 Pounds

In my first YouTube video of the year I discuss the surprise I experienced when I stepped on the scales for the first time after 7 years.

Shortly before going vegan, I’d grown disillusioned with toxic diet culture...stopped counting calories & stopped obsessing over my weight, choosing instead to focus on total self-acceptance, channeling my energy into more productive endeavours. Anyone else relate?

Over time, I’ve taken a gentle and forgiving approach, allowing myself to learn about nutrition as I go along, incorporating healthy habits as I discover them (the most recent being the whole food/plant-based way of eating as outlined in the book ‘Eat to Live’).

It was interesting to see how all these little decisions have added up to me shedding over 50 pounds.. in a way that seems almost effortless. I discuss all my food/exercise habits and more in the video. Check it out below!

And If you want to find out more about the vegan lifestyle in general and get an idea of how I build my daily meal plan, you can download my free guide to going vegan.

Some before and after pictures...

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