Wednesday 13 May 2020

No-Flour Vegan Snack Ideas | 6 Easy Recipes

During this lockdown, it seems that everyone is rolling up their sleeves and baking up a storm. Whether it's getting in on the sourdough bread craze, or making a batch of brownies to comfort eat our way through these uncertain times.

Still, there are some who are struggling to find any flour at their local supermarkets (ongoing panic buying?) and therefore deprived of the therapeutic joys of whisking up a cake batter.

Over the last few weeks, I've shared recipes for orange cake and coffee walnut cake. For every comment or message from someone saying how much they've enjoyed the recipe, there's been a comment to lament the lack of flour in the store cupboard.

I've compiled a list of savoury and sweet snack ideas that do not require any flour whatsoever. Flourless delights, if you will. I hope it gives you some ideas and satisfies those quarantine cravings.

(Simply click the link to access each recipe...)

1. Moin Moin
Delicious savoury steamed bean pudding.

2. Garri Cookies
Forget eba, have you tried using garri to make cookies? A revelation.

3. Banoffee Pie
Proceed with caution. You might end up finishing in one sitting.

4. Chocolate Nice Cream
Adapt the original banana nice cream recipe by adding some cocoa powder or melted chocolate.

5. Akara
Fluffy, deep-fried cousin of moin moin.

6. Bounty Chocolate Bars
Delightfully healthy and vegan take on the classic bounty chocolate.

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