Saturday 19 September 2020

Vegan Egg Fried Rice | Easy Vegan Recipe

Let's face it. Some days you just want something quick and stress-free. 

If your household is anything like mine, there's usually some leftover plain rice lurking somewhere. This recipe takes that plain rice and elevates it to a level your tastebuds will thank you for. I hope you give this egg-free fried rice a try. 

I used golden sella basmati rice but this works with any type of rice. I've left out quantities for most of the seasoning as you're free to season to taste. I recognise that some people follow a low-sodium diet or low-fat diet, so adjust as necessary.


(serves 4)

- dash of sunflower oil

- 1/2 block extra firm tofu

- 1/2 cup frozen peas

- 1/2 cup sweetcorn

- 1/2 tbsp curry powder

- 1/2 tbsp fennel seeds / thyme

- leftover plain rice (approx 3 cups)

- soy sauce

- sesame oil


🍚 Start by scrambling/frying the tofu in a little oil. I do this until it gets a bit golden and crispy here and there.  

🍚 Add the peas and sweetcorn, along with the curry powder and fennel seeds. Cook for a minute or two on high heat.  

🍚 Stir in leftover rice. Season with soy sauce to taste. Add a dash of sesame oil (for aroma and a nice nutty taste).

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