Friday 2 October 2020

Thoughts on Nigeria's 60th Independence Day

So Nigeria turned 60 yesterday. Seeing all the celebratory Independence Day posts pop up on my social media feeds had me all reflective. Pondering that small word we call heritage. Feeling grateful to be so in touch with mine and realising that in my own imperfect way, I get to contribute to the ever-evolving fabric of our culture. At least where food is concerned. At least when it comes to encouraging my fellow Nigerians to choose healthier food options or think that bit deeper about the impact of their food choices on their personal health and the world as a whole. (As a reminder, you can download my free guide to going vegan which delves into these topics).

Locked in with our annual celebration of Nigeria's break away from colonial rule is the usual undercurrent of cynicism; of bemoaning everything that is wrong with our country. A lot of our systems could be better; something needs to be done about the mind-numbing traffic on our roads; colonialism sure did do a number on us; what's with all the corrupt politicians, anyway? So on and so forth...

Ever the idealist, I've always thought it more beneficial to focus on solutions. I seek answers to questions like: What is within our control? How can we work on ourselves first so that we can bring about the sort of cultural shift we so wish to see? The answers probably don't lie solely in the way we eat - if only! And yet, the very principles of eating with care (i.e. choosing a more cruelty-free diet, to be blunt!) - compassion, stewardship, thoughtfulness and regard for the other - are the very principles we need to inject into many other areas of our lives and society. 

I'd love to hear from my Nigerian readers - any pressing thoughts as we celebrate our 60th Independence?

Throwback to this Nigerian flag cake recipe!

Popcorn frosting? Yes, please!

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  1. Hi there! Love your recipes💚 Funny enough I've been reading "Half of a Yellow Sun" by Chimamanda Adichie, just started reading this amazing book this Monday... And I found out that I didn't know anything about civil wars and that it had happened in our (parents) time. I think schools should teach the truth, at least...
    Love the popcorns detail😋 and thank you for sharing these amazing recipes🌱😊