Thursday 20 May 2021

Oven Baked Nigerian Moi Moi with Vegetables | Vegan and Gluten Free

I've already got a comprehensive post on this amazing protein-packed bean pudding that has found its way across different West African countries. In my original post (click here to view), I give you the step by step process of how to prepare moin moin from scratch, including peeling the beans, blending it and the various methods you can use to steam it (using ramekins or the more traditional Uma leaves). If you have time on a lazy weekend, I highly recommend giving this recipe a try. For those with less time on their hands or those who cannot stand the long cooking process, it is actually possible to use shop-bought moin moin mix, such as this one

Whichever process you choose, this baked version is a fun take on this classic dish. It's perfect for sharing, saves you time and actually cooks a lot quicker than steaming.

If you're very familiar with moin moin, you'll know that it is sometimes filled with extra ingredients. For a delicious vegan take, I recommend mixed vegetables, or even seasoned tofu or jackfruit. You can be as experimental as you wish. If you want to break convention, you can even try your hands at green moin moin that has been infused with nutrient-rich leafy greens (click here for the recipe).

Enjoy this week's recipe video and if you do give it a try, be sure to tag me in your photos on Instagram!

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