Wednesday 10 August 2022

5 Essential Equipment in a Nigerian Kitchen

If you're just getting started with cooking Nigerian food, there are certain kitchen tools and appliances that are a must-have. They will certainly make your cooking more efficient, allowing you to spend less time prepping and more time enjoying the fruits of your labour. Many of these are recognisable, some you probably already have at home. And if not, I will be recommending some brands that you can check out. 

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1. Box Grater

A good quality box grater is needed for grating tough ingredients such as root vegetables and coconut. When shopping for one, try and go for a sturdy, heavy duty box grater.

2. Food Processor and Food Blender

Absolutely essential. A typical Nigerian kitchen cannot survive without these. You’ll need a food processor to prepare essentials like pounded yam or for peeling beans for Moin Moin. You’ll need a blender to make your stew base, break down your okra for Okra Soup, get a smooth batter for your Akara and in the preparation of many more dishes. They don’t need to be super fancy, but it is worth investing in good quality ones as you will be using them often and for many years to come. I'm a fan of Kenwood's food processors, which often come with a blender attachment and other accessories, meaning you don't have to invest in two separate appliances

3. Large Chopping Board

It goes without saying that this item is essential to every modern kitchen, and this is especially the case in a Nigerian kitchen. You can do with a standard sized chopping board, of course, but your efficiency will go to the next level if you can get a large board. You will need it for chopping up the leafy greens for your stews and soups, large/thick starchy vegetables such as yam and sweet potatoes and the many peppers, tomatoes and onions you will use to make batches of stew. This large organic bamboo chopping board is perfect for all your chopping needs.

4. Pestle and Mortar 

You’ll need this for crushing seeds and spices. I also use it to crush my garlic and ginger - two key aromatics that liven up many Nigerian dishes. I have a granite pestle and mortar that has served me well for many years and I can't imagine my kitchen without it.

5. Sieve, Colander and Straining Cloth

Many traditional and modern Nigerian kitchens will contain a sieve, colander and straining cloth. The sieves are used particularly for sieving milled grains and extracting uneven particles from flours such as yam flour. Colanders are great for washing leafy green vegetables and other gritty food items. Straining cloths are essential for plant milks and other recipes that require you to extract fine liquid.

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