Saturday 29 June 2013


I beat my alarm by two hours this morning. Two hours! And what's more, I was feeling unusually upbeat, raring to go, eager to get outside for some fresh morning air. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am not a morning person (and I believe I have stressed this point somewhere else on this blog). In fact, a little part of me resents the upbeat, glowing morning person. You know the kind - up at the crack of dawn, a million and one things already accomplished, breakfast downed and lunch already on the cooker. Throw in some cheerful humming and the resentment might just grow into hatred for the next hour or so, or at least until my own brain kicks into gear and I can string a sentence together.

No, I am more of a night owl. The kind of person who wishes the world would operate back to front - work all night and sleep all day. I guess I can see how this could maybe be a waste. I mean, the sky was pretty blue and gorgeous this morning and the fruits did look extra dazzling with the sun rays bouncing off them...

Anyway, on to my purchase. As it's summer, I'm trying not to overload on the heavy stuff like yams and potatoes etc..and opting instead for more cooling, refreshing fruits, salads and whatnot.

- coconut milk
- pineapple
- watermelon
- dates (great for snacking)
- fresh basil
- green lettuce
- tomatoes
- grapefruit
- apple (crimson red, almost black! caught my eye so thought I'd try one)
- groundnut
- lime
- golden pear

Oh, and look what I came across on my morning stroll:

As a book addict, of course I had to stop for a browse. I ended up picking up a book on salads. I need as much inspiration as I can get. Plus, it was such a steal - we're talking mere kobo/pennies/cents.

Happy weekend, but most importantly, happy eating!


  1. I'm not a morning person either! I'm going to have to change that though because surprisingly enough I am at my highest creative point in the morning (between 6-8am) when everything is quiet and no one is up.

    I saw the groundnuts in your picture and I am transported back to my youngster years in Naija when I used to chop the thing like nobody's business lol

    1. There's a reason why no one is up at that time lol! Honestly though, I've been trying to get up and exercise in the early hours, as that's the most practical time for me to do so. I shall see how that goes this week.
      Lol, I'm addicted to groundnut at the moment, I've been eating it like crazy the last few days! With garri! Yum!

  2. I am stopping by just to post a message to say how proud of you I am. Sadly, I have to abstain from all your sumptuous recipes because I have been on a diet to get myself back to a respectable size (won't be slim ever again on this side of eternity, but...). Keep up the good work and keep shinning. The best is yet to come. You do owe me a plateful of garri cookies though.

    Aunty F.