Friday 8 April 2016


The last few weeks have been a roller-coaster, for want of a better metaphor. I first decided that I wanted to go ahead with this pop-up restaurant over a month ago, giving me the time and breathing space to slowly work up to it. No pressure.

Once the event went live, it was jaw-dropping to witness the tickets sell out so fast. At the very least, I knew that I could count on my family and close friends to be there, but I imagined that I'd have to do a great deal of advertising to get the word out and convince other people to come along. The power of social media, sharing and word-of-mouth came into play and thankfully silenced that misconception.

So, in the long lead up to the event, there were days when I was in full planning mode - trying to work out the logistics and practicalities, down to the smallest detail. How to transport ingredients to the venue? What drinks to serve with the meals? How much prep time would be required? etc. On other days, I was able to go about my business without a thought to the event, often leading me to wonder whether I was doing enough to prepare. Time would tell...

Life has a funny way of playing out and it so happened that the week just before the pop-up was to take place was week I had planned (months in advance) to attend Spring Harvest (a Christian holiday/retreat in Somerset) with a friend. Cue a week of complete relaxation and much-needed peace of mind. And when it was over, time seemed to hurtle mercilessly forward to Wednesday. Now or never...

I'm as calm as calm gets, believe me, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't experience little pangs of nervous energy throughout the day. With the help of family and friends, however, who gave their time so generously and selflessly, I was able to make it through the day in one piece. There was so much love and support on their part - and even on the part of the guests I met for the very first time - that I am convinced that that was the key to the event being as successful as it was. Thank God for wonderful people :)

The video I've put together (special thanks to my brother for capturing most of the footage while I was plating behind the scenes) should give you a good idea of the overall night - the atmosphere, the food, the good vibes... No need for me to break it down excessively ;)

Once again, a massive thank you to everyone who played a part in bringing this event to life. You are all appreciated. I'm also going to go ahead and give myself a good pat on the back for following through with this, because why not! Haha. Enjoy the video, share, like, and see you soon at the next pop-up :)

Tomi x