Saturday 4 March 2017


Better late than never, I s'pose :)

This video is a compilation of all the foodie clips I was able to capture during my trip to Singapore back in December. The main objective of the trip was to attend two very special occasions, and when I wasn't caught up in the excitement of celebrating, connecting and reconnecting with friends old and new, I had a lot of fun exploring what the country had to offer in terms of vegan food options.

Planning a trip to Singapore? Got any specific questions about being a vegan traveller/tourist in Singapore? Comment below and I'll do my best to answer.

And now for a few food pics:

Thai Express - Mock chicken stir-fry
Thai Express - Bean curd,  greens, rice...

Thai Express - Veggie dumplings <3

VeganBurg - Veggie burger and seaweed fries

LingZhi - Brown fried rice

Nature Cafe - Beancurd...

Pita Pan - Falafel, hummus, salsa, veg...

Pita Pan

Chinatown Hawker Centre

Chinatown - Sugarcane juice

Chinatown - dragonfruit juice

Chinatown - popiah

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