Thursday 30 March 2017


Photo credit: Richard Duebel

From a fun-filled hen party, to unexpected surprises, to learning the age-old lesson that it is always better to cook too much than too little (or even just enough!), my dinner party/pop-up on the 25th was nothing short of eventful. Crazy how the learning never stops even after eight of these events. The beauty of the pop-up concept though: refining methods, testing out ideas, seeing what works and what doesn't, dipping into the experience of running a restaurant without the drowning that comes with managing one full time. 

As always, eternally grateful to friends and family for their help. Eternally grateful to the supportive guests who brought their good humour and appetites. I wish I could have spent more time chatting to everyone, as was my original intention.  

Thank you to Sylvia and Richard for the photography, filming, interviews, and imminent feature (and for being lovely in general!).

Thank you to Dawn once again for the delicious sugarcane juice (visit:

Thank you even to the handful of people who kept it real and drew attention to some valuable points for future improvement. Criticism only breeds strength. 


  1. I always like party.I think this was a great party.I am always, eternally grateful to friends and family for their help at party.It's really enjoyable and grateful.I like the food that has been delivered at party.Thank you so much for sharing the post.