Tuesday 30 October 2018

Plantain Cookbook - Out Now!

The day has finally come!
After weeks of recipe-dreaming, recipe-writing and recipe-testing, I am proud to announce the official release of my Plantain Cookbook.
It's been an absolute labour of love and I've enjoyed every minute of bringing this book to life. 
It's bold, bright, beautiful and packed with just over 40 plantain-infused recipes. Breakfast, lunch and main meals are covered. But so are surprising dessert recipes such as chocolate fudge cake (yes!), pastries, cupcakes, and more. 
Each recipe is accompanied by a glossy image, and when I tell you that the recipes are delicious and accessible, I really mean it.
If you love plantain as much as I do and think it deserves the extreme attention that I have given it in this book (ha!), then it would mean the world to me if you supported this project. You can do so in a number of ways: by downloading or buying a copy for yourself; by sharing this news with someone who would appreciate it; by leaving a review; or even just sending me a virtual pat on the back (that counts too!). 

  • For fans of ebooks, you can download a PDF directly from the Books page on my website here, or download it straight onto your Kindle via Amazon here
  • For those who enjoy flipping through the pages of a cookbook, you can buy a glossy copy from here or a paperback copy from here
  • For anyone who wants to share the book on social media, feel free to tag me @VeganNigerian on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and use the hashtag #plantaincookbook so that I can thank you personally and send you a million heart emojis! 

Thank you as always for reading, watching and supporting. I appreciate it greatly and wish you the best week imaginable! 

Love, Tomi (a.k.a. the plantain enthusiast) x

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