Sunday 27 January 2019

Homemade Cassava Flour Pasta

This recipe goes out to all my gluten-free friends out there. It also goes out to any chef or home cook who loves to experiment with different ingredients.

Cassava flour is made from nutrient-rich cassava tubers that have been washed, sun-dried and milled into fine flour. It is a staple in many African countries, often used to make fufu. However, in this week's video I use it to make my very own gluten-free pasta. The recipe is easy, delicious and worth a try!

To make your own homemade pasta, you'll need cassava flour, ground flax seeds and water. That simple. Check out the video below to see all the steps I took:


  1. Nice job swtheart,so glad i found this.

  2. I did have pasta yesterday for lunch but now i see this one i want to have this pasta dish.