Thursday 2 July 2015

Vegan Nigerian in California

This post is long overdue as it's been just over 3 months since this trip took place. Better late than never I suppose. 

Apart from the weather, the food was the best part of the whole thing and while I was in the Golden State, I had the chance to try a plethora of vegan establishments. Simply put, California is a haven for vegans. You can't turn a corner without being overwhelmed by the amount of choice and innovation with regard to vegan food. Impressive. From vegan big macs, to artisan 'cheese', to sprawling grocery stores that stock every delicious veggie product you can think of...

I hope you enjoy these pictures as I run through some of the top spots I visited (in no particular order). If you've been before or if you actually live in Cali, I'd love to hear about your foodie experience.


Veggie Grill - answer to McDonald's, Burger King and every other fast food joint. This was probably my favourite place of the lot. Sweet potato fries, 'chicken' burger and mac n', yes please.

Doomie's Home Cookin' - home to the epic vegan big mac (on the secret menu). And that taco salad...

M Cafe - not fully vegan but with lots of vegan options. Salads, drinks and fancy desserts. I had a breakfast burrito and a fresh ginger/lemon juice.

 Juice bars on every corner... Every. Corner. Like this one here: Glow Bio. Also, a ton places to get my favourite indulgence: coconut water.

Crossroads - a fancy spot teeming with celebrities. It was too dark to take proper photos of the food in there. They take 'intimate dining' to a whole new level.

Cafe Gratitude - I'd love to sit in there all day and drink their milkshakes. They are that good.

Babycakes Bakery - doughnuts, cakes, desserts, pastries... Didn't try any, but they looked tasty enough.

Erewhon - health food store. Great for discovering cool brands and staring open-mouthed at the uber organised fruit and veg displays. Met a lovely photographer who passed on some awesome tips; Check out his Instagram page: @trohawk

Vegan Croissants (from Doomie's offshoot bakery, if I remember correctly)- they exist and they are delicious. These savoury ones were filled with sweet potato, vegan 'cheese', pesto, 'ham', 'turkey' etc.

Seed - simple food, simple flavours.

 Vromage - vegan cheese extraordinaire.

Gracias Madres - a Mexican veggie joint with generous portions packed with tons of flavour. Whatever that potato and 'cheese' sauce dish was... I still have dreams about it.

 Flore - for vegan brunch. Pancakes. Breakfast burritos. Smoothies. What else?

Locali - Reuben sandwich with mock sliced meat and sauerkraut.

Viva La Vegan - small, fully vegan grocery store; "For Animals, Earth & Health"


  1. all is looking very delicious :)

  2. Gurl, all this food can make me go vegan!!!

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