Online Workshops

Corporate Team-Building Cooking Classes

An online cooking class is the perfect activity to bring your team together. Whether employees are working from home or looking for a fun evening activity, there's no better way to connect than by cooking and sharing a meal together.

I provide online cooking classes for organisations that are seeking to promote diversity and inclusion. During the interactive class, you will learn all about vegan West African cuisine and food culture. We will cook a traditional meal together from start to finish and you will have the opportunity to ask questions throughout. 

Tuning in from the office, with no access to a kitchen? There is also the option to book a cooking demonstration or a workshop on how to go vegan.

Past clients include: Airbnb, Oxford University, World Vision, Teachstone Inc, Stink Studios, Wired Score, and more.

How it works:

Class duration: the online cookery class lasts approximately 1 hour, making it perfect for a lunchtime or after work session.

Class time: weekday or weekend, either a noon slot from 12pm, or an evening slot from 6pm. 

Online class details: participants will be sent a confirmation email ahead of time, with the Zoom meeting link and a list of easily-sourced ingredients and the equipment needed for the class. During the class, we will cook a traditional West African dish (with a vegan twist) together and there will be time to ask questions and learn more about the cuisine. After the class, each participant will receive a free digital copy of my full-length cookbook Vegan Nigerian Kitchen

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"The cooking session with Tomi was phenomenal. A cooking session and history lesson all wrapped up into one segment."

"Tomi is wonderful. I really enjoyed her recipe and getting to know her as an individual, would highly recommend her classes!"

"Wonderful experience!"

Meet the Chef:

"Hi, I'm Tomi! I'm a London-based chef and content creator. I love sharing my knowledge of vegan Nigerian cuisine and I have over 9 years of experience developing recipes and curating unique food experiences. Past clients have described my teaching style as engaging, accessible and inspiring. I look forward to having you in my class! Read more about my story HERE."

Next steps: 

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Online Self-Paced Cooking Course

Traditional Nigerian Snacks

In this course, you will learn how to make 5 delicious traditional Nigerian snacks with a vegan twist. You'll learn a mix of savoury and sweet recipes that are perfect for sharing or eating all to yourself! If you're from Nigeria and neighbouring West African countries, you will no doubt recognise many of these snacks - this is a great opportunity to rediscover them and learn how to make them yourself at home. If you are relatively new to Nigerian cuisine, then you will gain some insight into our rich snack culture.

You can buy the course for yourself or gift it to a loved one as a unique Christmas or birthday gift.

The course consists of individual recipe videos where I show you the step-by-step process to making the following snacks:

- Akara (fried bean fritters)

- Chin Chin (crunchy baked 'biscuit' bites)

- Kuli-Kuli (crunchy spiced peanut 'biscuits')

- Puff Puff (fried Nigerian 'doughnuts')

- Yamarita (crispy, coated fried yam)

Click HERE to buy the course for just £19.99

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