Thursday 30 June 2016


If you've been keeping up with my latest exploits then you'd know that the 3rd Vegan Nigerian pop-up restaurant took place yesterday (June 29th) at La Suite West. 

Straying away from the format of the last two events, I decided to try out a buffet, which - my goodness - was a definite winner. And not just for the guests, but also for me (talk about profoundly cutting down stress levels!) Don't get me wrong, I love the creativity and polish of a plated service, and I'm not doing away with that format forever, but there is something so satisfying about allowing guests to help themselves and have a wider variety to choose from. It also meant that I wasn't stuck behind the scenes for most of the night, and I could have more robust conversations, hear instant feedback, and generally enjoy the night along with everyone else!

So, if you missed this event, I hope to see you at the next. I am currently scouting for a second location in another part of London in order to spread myself out a bit, so who knows, I might decide to hit you with two dates at once very soon. We'll see!

If you were at the event last night and snapped some pictures, I'd love to see them! :) Either send to me directly at: or tag me on social media @vegannigerian. 

*Special thank you to my mum who is my number one inspiration for being a boss lady, and to the lovely Cristina for helping out*

Here are some shots from last night: 

Monday 13 June 2016


*Limited spaces. Advanced booking required.* 

Another month, another Vegan Nigerian pop-up. And this time around, the format is a little different and laid-back. Come along and enjoy a buffet of delicious Nigerian (inspired) snacks, meals and desserts. Yes, jollof rice is on the menu. And yes, it's going to be another fun event. Looking forward to seeing you there! :)

When: 29th June 2016
Time: 7pm
Where: La Suite West Hotel, Bayswater, London, W2 3JN

What to expect: 
- Canapes 
- Cold buffet & Salads: finger foods and a selection of fresh salads 
- Hot buffet: jollof rice, fired rice, stewed vegetables, plantain 
- Dessert table: a selection of sweet treats 
- Drinks 

For any special dietary requirements, email: 

Buy your tickets here:

Sunday 12 June 2016


I ditched London for a bit and spent a glorious week in Italy. The timing for this trip couldn't have been more ideal, as returning back, I now find myself faced with new life opportunities, prospects and challenges. The time away gave me a chance to mostly switch off, relax, and just thoroughly relish this thing we call life. It gave me a chance to review the goals I had set for myself earlier this year - reflect on the ones I have already accomplished, and plan leisurely for the ones to come.

In the video below, I share snippets from my time in Porto Santo Stefano (Tuscany) - where I lived with my friend & former chef co-worker, Giulia, and her family - and my day out in Rome discovering a handful of vegan delights that the city has to offer.

It's bitter-sweet being back and leaving all of that sunshine behind, but I can't begin to describe how refreshed I feel and how motivated I am to push forward with what's to come... such as the next pop-up restaurant event which is scheduled to take place at the end of this month. More info on that soon. But for now, if you want to keep up to date on everything, do follow me over on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead! x