Thursday 30 June 2016


If you've been keeping up with my latest exploits then you'd know that the 3rd Vegan Nigerian pop-up restaurant took place yesterday (June 29th) at La Suite West. 

Straying away from the format of the last two events, I decided to try out a buffet, which - my goodness - was a definite winner. And not just for the guests, but also for me (talk about profoundly cutting down stress levels!) Don't get me wrong, I love the creativity and polish of a plated service, and I'm not doing away with that format forever, but there is something so satisfying about allowing guests to help themselves and have a wider variety to choose from. It also meant that I wasn't stuck behind the scenes for most of the night, and I could have more robust conversations, hear instant feedback, and generally enjoy the night along with everyone else!

So, if you missed this event, I hope to see you at the next. I am currently scouting for a second location in another part of London in order to spread myself out a bit, so who knows, I might decide to hit you with two dates at once very soon. We'll see!

If you were at the event last night and snapped some pictures, I'd love to see them! :) Either send to me directly at: or tag me on social media @vegannigerian. 

*Special thank you to my mum who is my number one inspiration for being a boss lady, and to the lovely Cristina for helping out*

Here are some shots from last night: 


  1. congratulations on the success of your event...yummy food.

  2. Vegan nigerian food sounds awesome, and after seeing the pictures, looks delicious too! Definitely going to keep an eye out for your new venture, girl!