Tuesday 15 September 2015


I've been sporting my natural hair for about 4 years now and as great as it is to wear my hair this way (I can't imagine ever going back to hair relaxers), there are times when I let it slip to the point of being difficult to manage. I'm talking dry, tangled and messy. 

So recently I decided it needed a bit of extra TLC and some serious deep conditioning. A lot of hair conditioners out there contain ingredients with animal products such as egg yolks, mayonnaise and yoghurt, and so it made sense to make my own from scratch. I'm sure it's pretty easy to get a hold of vegan conditioners online or in speciality stores, but where's the fun in that? Much more interesting to put together a concoction. 
This deep conditioning mousse is lightweight, moisturising, nourishing and excellent for detangling dry, knotty hair. My hair is thick and full so this recipe was enough to cover my whole head. Adjust quantities in the future if you feel you need more or less of it.

How to use:
1. Divide hair into six small sections
2. Apply conditioner one section at a time, massaging from root to tip
3. Cover entire head with a shower cap
4. Leave to rest for 2 hours minimum, overnight if possible
5. Rinse hair and wash as normal

- 250ml coconut cream
- 1 banana
- 1/2 avocado
- 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar
- juice of 1 lime
- 4 tbsp coconut oil (melted)

Blend the coconut cream, avocado and banana in a food processor until you have a thick mousse.

Strain the mousse to get rid of any lumps. The last thing you want is to pick out bits of banana from your 'fro.

Add the coconut oil, lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. Mix well and transfer into a small plastic container.


  1. Please do the Nigerian and Natural tag! This looks yummy... Although it's for hair, I would so be tempted to try a bit lool! Thanks for sharing I am going to share it with my sister who is a vegan! :D

    1. Thanks! I know, pretty much like putting a yummy smoothie through your hair - good enough to eat :)

  2. Is it only for Nigerian!!! But this type of homemade conditioner is good for our hair.

    1. Anyone can use it I suppose, depends on your hair type really. Natural afro hair seems to respond well to the high oil content of the conditioner. Maybe test it out on a small section to see if it works for you.