Saturday 6 February 2016


There's almost something magical about the way this deodorant works.

Unlike traditional deodorants, this particular one by Native Unearthed is unique in that it is made from volcanic crystal minerals, which means that it is all natural, leaves no marks or sticky residue, and prevents odour by leaving an invincible layer of minerals on the underarms to prevent the build up of bacteria. 

The directions for use simply indicate: 'moisten the tip and apply or alternatively apply to wet underarms'. It was this simplicity that initially made me sceptical. After applying it for the first time and letting it dry (this only takes seconds), the feeling was as though I hadn't used any deodorant at all. It was fragrance-free and it left absolutely zero residue. Unused to this, I wondered if it was wise to step out of the house in that state. Still, I was determined to give it a fair trial and so off I went about with my day's business. 

Over a week later of using this deodorant, I can confidently say that it works like a charm and that I am going to have a hard time going back to regular roll-on deodorants. If you don't know already, I work as a chef and that sort of working environment can get hectic at times. Now, if this deodorant by Native Unearthed can see me through a typical working day and provide round the clock freshness, then I'd say there's definitely something magical about it.

Out of their four deodorant products, I was sent the aloe vera infused version, which has a soothing and hydrating quality on top of the effectiveness of the natural deodorant. They have a sale on at the moment, so if you want to take advantage of that, visit their website here. Equally worth checking out are the other types in the range: Crystal Deodorant with Mangosteen, Crystal Deodorant with Raw Curcuma Longa Root, and the plain version: Natural Crystal Deodorant. 

For anyone who's moving towards a more natural, vegan and eco-friendly lifestyle, not only in terms of food, but also in terms of beauty and healthcare, this would be a worthy staple to include. I cannot rave about this product enough - I am just so impressed - and I would urge you to give it a try for yourself! 

Polite note: Thanks to the VEGAN lifestyle ASSOCIATION for making this review possible. It has not been paid for and the products were sent free of charge. This is my genuine and unbiased review of the product. Native Unearthed is listed with the VLA and offers Associates a 10% discount and you can take advantage of this here


  1. Oooh I'd like to try this, I've been using a baking powder based deodorant but having to dig it out and rub it on with your fingers isn't always practical!

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