Thursday 15 September 2016


Inspired by last night's episode of The Great British Bake Off, I decided I would try my hand at making vegan lace pancakes. I never knew such a thing even existed but I was captivated by what I saw: dainty, edible heart shapes made entirely from pancake batter. It spoke to me, I tell ya.

As you can see from my pictures (above and below), I haven't aimed for perfection with my lace designs (hey, I'm not getting judged by Paul and Mary!) so don't let that stop you from giving this a try. Keep the design simple enough, but add a couple of swirls and touches here and there to make it pass for fancy. No matter what your lace pancakes end up looking like, my pancake recipe tastes totally bomb so it will be worth the effort when you finally get to tuck into them.

A word of warning before you delve into this recipe: only make these if you've got a lot of time to spare and nowhere to get to. These delicate pancakes are time-consuming as...
To be completely honest with you, after making about ten or so of these, I just made regular pancakes with the rest of the batter (again, not getting judged here!)

Top tip: this is no time to be overly ambitious. Make your heart pancakes small-medium sized as this makes them easier to flip over. And keep an eye out on the heat. Too hot and the pancake will burn too quickly...
Oh, and your first attempt WILL most likely be a disaster...mine was an eyesore. Don't be put off - it gets much better :)

If you like this recipe, make it, share it, and all that good stuff.

- 1 cup plain flour
- 1/4 cup sugar
- 1/4 cup sunflower oil
- 1 ripe banana
- 1 tsp vanilla essence

Place all the ingredients in a food processor and blend until you have a smooth batter.
If mixing by hand, make sure you whisk/mix well enough so you don't have any lumps of banana in the batter.

Pour the mixture into a piping bag (cut a small hole at the tip) or a squeezy bottle. Over low-medium heat, pipe your heart lace design in a non-stick frying pan. (If using a regular frying pan, lightly grease the surface with a little sunflower oil before frying). Wait for it to brown before gently turning it over with a spatula.

Repeat the process with the rest of the batter until you have a gorgeous stack of warm, delicious lace pancakes.


  1. This would be great for kids.

  2. They ARE cute though... but the amount of time would discourage me quickly.

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  3. I wish I was this passionate about making food..and like Tomilola mentioned, it would be great for kids.