Friday 20 September 2019

Storytelling Through Food | With Anike Bello

Anike Bello is the founder of the platform Oro Anike, a space dedicated to exploring heritage in the context of pre-colonial African societies. She's currently running a pop-up seminar series examining the link between heritage and creativity. The theme of the first seminar was 'storytelling through food' and I was invited along to share my food story. This year in particular, I've been obsessed with exploring the past and uncovering my family history. (You might recall the DNA test I took back in April - check it out here if you haven't watched the video). All this to say that this seminar was very timely and afforded me the opportunity to ask family members to share their earliest memories of food and trace the evolution of our food habits over the years.

Seven of us gathered at the beautiful African and Caribbean Emporium event space in Hackney. Over drinks and snacks, we had an open discussion about culture, society, identity and how it all relates back to our food memories. 

Connecting to Self Through Ancestry is an extension of Anike Bello's work "exploring identity and heritage, from a personal perspective. The work embraces the various modes of storytelling that exist within culture outside of the written form, drawing attention to how they are used to share and promote wisdom."

Made a batch of plantain chips and plantain cupcakes for us to enjoy on the night. Recipe for the cupcakes from my Plantain Cookbook!

Check out Anike's upcoming seminars via her website

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