Sunday 18 January 2015


Welcome to day 1 of 7 of the vegan challenge! How are you feeling? Excited? Nervous? Ready to try something different?

I'm sure you've heard the famous saying that goes a little like this: 'a goal without a plan is just a wish'. One of the key things I discovered shortly after adopting a vegan diet was that planning goes a long way in keeping me on track. This could take the form of making sure I source and stock all the staple food items I need at home so I'm not left fretting about what to eat or how to create a nutritionally balanced plate. Whether it's eating in or eating out at a restaurant, being prepared will always help you stay focused on making the best food choices for your health and well-being. As time goes by, of course, preparing meals and choosing places to eat at become second nature and there is more room for spontaneity.

To make it through the 7 day vegan challenge with as little hassle as possible, you might find it useful to take pen to paper and plan out your meals for the week. If you've gone ahead and bought the items on the suggested shopping list I shared in the previous post then you'll probably feel more at ease knowing what you're going to do with all those groceries in advance. Below is a suggested meal plan based on some of the recipes featured on this website (including snack and dessert options), but if you're in a brave mood then feel free to ignore it and do your own thing. Whatever works!


SundayPorridge with chopped bananas and dried fruits; Vegan salad; Creamy avocado pasta

Monday – Fruit smoothie; Cabbage wraps; Rice and caramelised stew

TuesdayAvocado/tomato toast; Boiled plantain and vegetable stew; Beans

WednesdayGreen smoothie; Sweet potato salad; Cabbage rolls with red peanut sauce (recipe coming soon)

Thursday – Porridge with fresh fruit topping; Spiced potato wedges and salad; Soup (pick your favourite)

FridayBreakfast bars; Couscous salad; Yam pottage

SaturdayBanana and raisin pancakes; Club sandwich; Jollof rice and steamed vegetables


Snack options - Unlimited fresh fruit and vegetables, popcorn, crackers, vegan biscuits

Dessert optionsChocolate mousse; Chocolate fudge cake; Coconut cupcake; Mint ice cream


  1. You're right that preparation and planning is the key to success when it comes to eating well. I struggle with this but I have no excuse (except laziness!).

    I showed my mom that chocolate fudge cake yesterday because it reminds me so much of a non vegan cake I make that looks just like that. I'm so curious about the taste and there's one easy way to figure that out isn't' there? :)

    1. :) Yeah, planning ahead isn't always fun but it helps for sure. Can't wait to hear your verdict on the chocolate fudge cake (especially in comparison to the non vegan version you make!)

  2. Please a question
    I don't see any fish recipe does that mean that fish is not a healthy meal

  3. Good one. No traditional dishes nii? And the local soups they go with..
    Are you just a Nigerian vegan?